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The initial session of microblading includes mapping out your brow to your face shape, finding the perfect pigment, and microblading!

18+ month touchup

If it has been 18-24 months since your original appointment pricing will be based off of how much work there is to do. This ranges between $350 & $550

Saline Removal

Removal is for someone who has previous work done on their brows that needs to be lightened or removed. It can also be used on small tattoos. Please fill out a contact form if you are interested in removal.

8-12 week touchup

A 8-12 week perfecting session is mandatory in order to achieve final results. It consists of touching up strokes that have lightened.

Some people may need 2.


Combo Brow

A combo brow is recommended when you don't have much natural hair. Microblading gives the brow the texture while the light shading gives the brow some density

4-18 month touchup

Touchups yearly are recommended to keep your brows fresh, and to fill in spots that have faded over time.

Powder Brow

Powder brow is for clients who already have a lot of natural brow hair but just want to fill them in with some shading to create a nice full look. Also used when you have previous work done but don't want removal.