Aftercare Instructions

Day of: Pat gently with a damp paper towel every hour until you go to bed. Right before bed wash gently with antibacterial soap and pat dry. Don't apply any aftercare. 

Days 2-4: Wash brows with antibacterial soap morning and night. Pat dry. Apply SMALL amount of aftercare on each end of a q-tip. Gently apply to brows and pay excess aftercare off with a paper towel or cotton round. 

Days 5-10: Wash brows once a day with antibacterial soap. Pat dry and apply thin layer of aftercare. Use the aftercare as needed when brows feel dry or itchy. 


Pick, scratch, or touch your eyebrows. No swimming (lakes, pools, or hot tubs) for 2 weeks. No saunas or sweating for two weeks. No makeup directly on eyebrows for 10-14 days until brows are done flaking. Avoid excessive sunlight and tanning beds as they will rapidly fade your brows.

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